Thursday, December 25, 2008

Four Days!

Okay... as soon as I get done blogging, I'm gonna work.
I swear!

And I am excited about this because I have four days to produce & work on stuff because of the XMas holiday. I'm off  from my "day job" today, tomorrow and my usual Saturday & Sunday.
Plus, my husband (who is sometimes a lovely distraction from my crafts) has to work today and tomorrow. So my #1 distraction is at work.
Now I know that Saturday & Sunday is gonna be tough because "the distraction" will be here, but I think I can work through the madness.

Now... the goals of these four days is to get at least three items from each of my website's categories to sell on Etsy next week! 
Woo hoo! That's right, I want to be up and running by next weekend! Yay!

This also means, that part of my work in the next four days is creating an inventory with prices. I feel it is important to stay organized during this process, especially if I want to be successful.

Oh! I do want to be successful!!

So, I'm gonna quit blogging now and go get to it. Woo, I'm pumped! Woo!

Sunday, December 7, 2008

The Skirt That Wasn't Anymore

So I have this cotton skirt that I bought in San Diego while honeymooning. It was at this great little shop and the skirt reminded me of a little fiesta in Tijuana. 
Now I don't wear skirts or dresses at all. I own them, but I just don't like them. And I should have known better, in that little San Diego shop, but I bought it anyhow.
And it has been three years and I still have never worn it. EVER! I've tried it on, I've attempted to walk out wearing it, but in the end it ends up back in my closet.
I would have given it away, but it is beautiful. These pictures here do it NO justice! The beading & embroidery is stunning. All of it's beauty is what inspired me to buy it in the first place. I just can't let go of it.
But I can't just let it sit in my closet for all of eternity.

So I decided to turn it into something else. After studying it for days and then weeks and then a few months... I just decided to turn it into a blouse.
It wasn't easy deciding the style. I wanted something I would actually wear (and not put back into my closet!) and something that utilized the beautiful embroidery as a focal point.
The final decision was a cross-front tunic with ties in the back and the embroidery along the front bottom. 
As I was cutting it out, I ran into some problems with the quantity of material. I had enough for the front bottom and the back, but not the top front. I decided on a similar color, but the material was more sheer and lightweight. I also cut out some sleeves for the top out of the same sheer material, but they ended up on the cutting room floor.
In the end, it works! And the proof was it's wearability. I've actually worn it out!
And it is still stunning in the form of a tunic. The placement of the embroidery is outstanding. I just can't stop patting myself on the back... not so much because I did an excellent job of cutting & sewing, but more for turning this closet dud into something amazing & wearable. Woo hoo!