Sunday, May 10, 2009

What I'm doing...

So I have been working on my to-do list most of today. I started it last week and it seemed to, at the very least, leave me feeling like I have a little more exposure.
And today's to-do went just as well.
I am gonna finish up my owl bag today so I have something to add to Etsy next weekend. I may even start on some new projects.
That's about it.
I haven't been going out during the weekends anymore because I'm really trying to get stuff up & running with m. ranae designs... so hopefully my friends forgive me and it all pays off!

Saturday, May 2, 2009

My Own To-do List

Today I was browsing online and I stumbled across my own Etsy store and I thought to myself "only a few people have stopped by to see my new stuff!".
Then I started wondering "how do I get people to stop by more?"

So I started browsing through the articles on Esty and found an idea that I am gonna try.
It's a to-do list that is done daily to promote your online shop. The list includes:

  • Post MySpace Bulletin
  • Add 5 New Friends on MySpace
  • Post on 5 Promo Threads on Etsy
  • Post on 5 site help threads
  • Post on ??? Ect threads
  • Play in Chat
  • Renew/List 1 Item
  • List Said Item On DeviantART
  • Upload Said Photo To Flickr
  • Friend 1 person on IndiePublic
  • Add I Photo To IndiePublic
  • Blog post
Now I don't know what some of that stuff is... like ???Ect or IndiePublic. And I know what some things are, but I don't use those sites... like Flickr or DeviantART. Nonetheless, I want to promote more. So I am gonna make my own list and go from there.

Here are my thoughts:
I am horrible at doing things regularly... take this blog for example.
I am horrible at multi-tasking... just ask my coworkers at my 9-5.
I get bored with routines... anybody can tell you that!
So I am gonna give myself a small goal/list to start with and then maybe add if it works.

Here's my starter list which I will do once a week:
  • Add three new friends on MySpace
  • Post a bulletin/note on MySpace and Facebook
  • Post on five craft threads (Etsy, Craftbits, etc.)
  • List one new item in my shop
  • Find one place in town to post my card
  • Blog

I have some other ideas I'd like to get in to motion soon. But, again, I'm horrible at multi-tasking... I'm just gonna work on my list for now.
So... I am off to start myself a Facebook listing (I have a personal one, but I'm gonna start a m. ranae designs one). Then, since I'm done with blogging for today, I am off to do the rest on my list.

Wish me luck, I'm gonna need it!!