Sunday, April 3, 2011

Where did all the street markets go?

Last year was my first journey into craft shows.

I only did two shows & half of the experience was good (with the other half being awful).

I'm toying with the idea of doing the Big Crafty again, but at the same time I thought I'd try out some of the smaller/slower paced markets.

It's been tough to find any local shows... a quick search gave me just two options; The Big Crafty & Asheville 2nd Saturday.

There used to be at least 3 others... small, monthly & bi-monthly markets with just a few vendors.
I saw on one site that vendor participation was low. This doesn't surprise me. A while back I tried to get a group together for a yearly or twice-a-year show and initial interest was high, but we never made it past the first meeting.

So I understand that a great idea just fizzles out (especially due to lack of volunteers, funds & participation). I'm glad that there are a few still available. But I do mourn the little indie shows of the past.

Any one know of any others?

Saturday, January 29, 2011


First off... I'm not dead.

While working on bags & wallets for the Big Crafty, I realized that my space was far from efficient. In fact, it was chaos.
I took a few weeks off after the show to relax, but since then I've been taking apart and reorganizing my crafty space.

So I've spent the last month re-doing it all.

And I'm almost ready for the big reveal. I'm gonna finish some stuff up this weekend and SHAZAM! All done!

This is all I'm revealing for now, but I would like to share a link I found while organizing... it's a beautiful to-do list! There is so much going on in this prinitable list... I don't know how someone COULDN'T use it to organize.

Good luck with the list and I will see you soon!