Wednesday, November 3, 2010

What's Up Wednesdays :: Hell Yeah!

I have been sewing like crazy!

I have piles on my table and slowly, I'm getting it all sewn (almost everything takes at least an hour to sew).

And I found out on Sunday that these piles are just the beginning.

I wasn't sure I had make the cut, especially since I heard of many others getting their approval and I hadn't heard squat... but my big news this week is I was accepted in to The Big Crafty!

Hell yeah!

It is the winter show and it's in about 5 weeks.

This is my current holy grail... I tried to get in last year and it was a no-go. But in my blog post I mentioned that it was a good thing, mainly because I wasn't ready.

Now... I'm more ready than I have ever been. I've only done one show as of this post (and one more by Dec. 5th, Big Crafty Day). It's not perfect, but in comparison to last year, I'm head & shoulders above my former self.

So this is scary/exciting.

I better get back to my piles, because after this weekend's show I have only four more weeks to sew & build up my inventory.

Hell yeah!