Monday, January 19, 2009

OK, I'm a slacker.

I admit it.

I did my four days and I got a ton of stuff done. The whole experience was interesting too, because I was timing myself to see how long it took to do each type of thing... and that was to help me price things later on.

But, I haven't photographed any of it and therefore, I haven't added it to my account.

I'm a slacker. Seriously.

And here's my excuse, because I can't be a real slacker without a lame-ass excuse.

So, after the four days of working REALLY, REALLY hard I was tired. Yeah, worn out.
So I rested.
Then a week after that, my brother came to town and I had to spend time with him. He doesn't like crafts, so we did NOT spend time in my craft room. That would have been silly.
So yeah, I was entertaining him before he had to fly back.
And then I was worn out from that... so I rested some more.
And now...

... well now I have ran outta excuses. Blah.

Now I have to get back to work in the craft room.

So, last night I went to work creating a pattern for a purse/evening bag thing. I will take pics and post soon. It worked out okay...

And I forgot until this morning, but I was gonna try to do this tiny monogram thing I found at Sublime Stitching. It looks like fun and I've figured out what I'd like to do... I just need to freakin' do it already. Especially since it's due tomorrow. So if I want in... I gotta do it tonight.

Wow! I'm really a slacker. Someone smack me already.

Okay... I've got some fun posts for the next couple of weeks. I will be back soon!