Monday, November 3, 2008

Embroidery is my bag...

Hey! Sorry I haven't been on lately. It just means that I have been SO busy!

But I have been crafting and I'm excited to share my new adventure... embroidery!

I've never embroidered before and it seemed interesting after discovering this website. I saw this and thought it was so freakin' cool. The site, Sublime Stitching, is a site full of embroidery products for the "modern girl". So it's projects are skulls and pin-up girls instead of flowers & bunnies.

So I went to one of my local craft stores and found that they were having a kick-ass sale on embroidery floss... 8 for $1. So I bought 16, a hoop and some needles and started teaching myself how to do this.

So... with the help of a page in a craft book I had, I started practicing my stitches and attempting this old craft from days gone by... here's the proof of how old this art is.
I also bought a book of patterns and have decided to get a group together to practice & learn together. 

It's incredibly fun and easy and so far I have made the very top item (which I sewed into a purse when I was done) and another bag and... well I guess another bag. I guess this means that embroidery is my bag, baby! 

Okay, okay that was lame. Yet fun!

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