Thursday, April 2, 2009

Happy Birthday Mom! a.k.a. Anatomy of New Bag Design :: PART TWO

Okay... so here's part two of my mom's birthday bag...
Now, where were we...

Here I'm marking where the zipper is gonna go in the inner pocket. This is a very fancy pocket... as you will see.

After sewing around the marks I made above, I cut a hole in the center of it and pulled the pocket through. This is what it then looks like... a big hole.

Now I pin the zipper into the hole.

Here is what it looks like from the back.

And then I sew it in. Doesn't it look nice?

Last part for the pocket, I add the back piece & sew it on.

Ta-da! A zippered pocket!

Next I pin in my label into the lining before I sew the two lining pieces together. Then I sew them together... my inner piece is done!

Now I sew the straps. After I turn them inside out, I add a touch of color to them with this topstitching.

Now for a little finishing touch... the button! I sewed it on and then I sewed on the elastic closure. It makes it quick & easy to open & close the main part of the bag. Plus, that button has tons of personality. Oh and by the way... I was gonna put a pink button on, but at last minute I changed it to a green.

Now I attached the finished straps to the lining of the bag after folding down the edge.

Okay... we're so close to finishing it! Here I insert the lining into the outer part of the bag. I poked myself with pins a lot here!

Next I pin my pretty, pink piping in between the lining & the outer part.

Nice! Now the lining is in & pinned with the piping. Lots of pins!! Again, here is proof I got poked a lot!

Very last step... I sew along the edge, sewing the three layers together. And it's all done!!

Looking nice, huh?! It was a nice looking bag in the end. I plan on making more for my Etsy account and I will call them DL Tote Bags. They're named after my mom, Debra Lynn.
Happy birthday mom!

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