Saturday, July 11, 2009

I'm gonna ramble a little okay.

So this is my periodical blog about how I am horrible at blogging regularly.
And honestly, I just get busy. Or lazy. Depends on the day.

But I do care about m. ranae designs and think about it all the time. I just have a hard time sitting at the computer to tell everyone about that.

So here's whats new:
I figured up a prototype for a mini bag. My inspiration was this. I will post pics of it today!
I joined Twitter! My hopes is to help my fans keep up with what I'm doing. Follow me!
I am gearing up for making lots & lots of stuff. I haven't sold a thing on Etsy since Februray, so I'm planning on gathering & selling on the streets. I haven't figured where yet, but that is the plan.
Plus, once I get some more zippers in, I'm working on a new design for a makeup bag.

That's a decent update if I say so myself!

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