Sunday, February 22, 2009

I Must Be Asking For Too Much!

I was determined yesterday to find a bucket o' buttons in Asheville, NC.

The main reason I want them is, honestly, just to have them in case I need a button. I have some small ones for eyes on my little stuffed creatures, but I wanted a variety of larger ones for bags & stuff.

I have seen them before, years ago, and when I was younger, my mother bought some... somewhere.

But after driving to three places yesterday morning, I came up short. I could not find a container of assorted buttons anywhere!

Freakin' impossible!

I went to obvious places like Foam & Fabric and Hancock Fabrics. Then I went to a couple not so obvious places. And I turned up with nothing.

Nada, zilch, zero.

A search on the internet didn't yield much either. That's sad too, because after failing in Asheville, I figured "you can find anything on the Internet." I eventually found what I was looking for, but I'm nervous about ordering online, because I can't look at the buttons in there. However, it looks like that is the only way I'm gonna get what I want. I'm gonna have to gamble that what I pay for online with actually work for me in real life!

On the other hand and out of desperation to have an assortment of colorful "somethings," I purchased a bag of miscellaneous ribbon. I don't use a lot of ribbon in stuff, but I will now.

And dammit, I'll show those buttons what they're missing out on. Just think, you crazy little buttons, you could be sewn on to a bag just like this ribbon is gonna be.

Ha! Take that!

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