Saturday, February 14, 2009

So far...

First and foremost, this blog is me... blogging more. So there... I'm doing it.
Okay, now to the task at hand!

So far, I've been on etsy. com for a week and I haven't technically sold anything, but I have been contacted by a fellow etsian (that's talk for a person who is a member of etsy) for a trade.
She loved my messenger bag for a friend of hers and wanted to know if I was willing to trade.

Of course, I was! So I chose a new scarf that she had just worked on that has this awesome fish-net lookin' design. I got to pick my colors... burgundy & gray and it will be here soon!

I'm very excited!

So, I encourage my few readers to check out her etsy... and I will post pics when I get my new scarf.

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