Friday, August 20, 2010

"Fan of" Sublime Stitching

Dream Garden by Jenny Hart

m. ranae designs is a big 'ol fan of Sublime Stitching!

Sublime Stitching is the dream of Jenny Hart, stitcher-extraordinaire! In 2001, Jenny launched Sublime Stitching out of her own personal need for better embroidery instructions and her "stitch or die" attitude.
She, alone, brought back the resurgence of embroidery in teens & 20-somethings. Her easy instructions & hip patterns have launched the craft of embroidery into new heights (and new age groups).

I found Sublime Stitching in the back of an old issue of Bust Magazine (my favorite magazine... feel free to buy me a subscription). After that I was logged into Jenny's site reading & practicing her how-to's. I also tried to get a stitching group together here in Asheville, but the response was minimal and we didn't get past one meeting. But I've been stitching ever since.

Recently, I submitted a project of mine for Sublime Stitching's Combo Contest, where we were asked to combine at least three of Jenny's patterns into one project.

Here is my submission:

So if you're looking for a new craft to try, try Sublime Stitching on for size. Through her website you can purchase kits to get you started. She also has a few crafty books that have been published and you can find those at any book store... just ask for books by Jenny Hart or Sublime Stitching. And check out the website & blog for more info & how-to's.



Bradfordsrider said...

Those are really cute, Shell.

Michelle said...

Thank you! I submitted them for a contest and I didn't #$!*-ing win. Oh well! Next time...