Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Etsy Favs

OK... I love Etsy. No joke.
I log in every day to see what's new. Today I saw these beautiful Tidal Pool earrings on the front page. They sold out quick!
Most days I just add the things I like to my favorites, but I have been noticing a new pattern lately... I'm starting to buy.
Oh! I love it too. I run across all kinds of things that catch my eye. Sometimes they are supplies for m. ranae designs, but other times I just want something special for myself or I get someone else a little something.
Now I totally cruise for the best deals. Thankfully, you can search fairly easily and sort by price. Sometimes I'll shop and not buy... I just want to window-shop (or computer screen-shop). Nonetheless, it is fun and Etsy is full of unique, awesome stuff.
Check out my favorites list... and if you're really inspired you should create an account and start your own favorites list.

m. ranae designs' Etsy favorites

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