Saturday, September 27, 2008

Craft Room OVERHAUL! Before pics...

Well here is the before pic of my craft corner/room. 

And today is the day I start on it's big "re-do". I plan on having it done by Tuesday evening when my husband gets back from Nebraska.

I have a basic idea on what I'd like to do, but honestly there isn't a set plan and I will just go with the flow on this. For instance, if my original plan to put up a ribbon bar (bar that holds all my ribbons... hee hee) doesn't fit the way I orignally thought then I'll restructure my plan. 
Simple as that!

I bought another shelf from Lowe's (to go with another I already have) and I am gonna use some of my current storage but in a new way... at least new in the sense that I re-organize where stuff currently resides.

Nonetheless, it is a mess! And I can't find a damn thing. Well I have a basic idea where it all is, but it's not handy by any means!

So... here we go. So exciting! Look for some after pics on Wednesday!

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