Thursday, September 25, 2008

The Dangerous Store & Cooking Oilcloth

I just got home a little while ago from gas hunting (we're outta gas here in Western North Carolina) and while I was out (and done finding gas) I went to the Foam & Fabrics Outlet. 

Bad, bad idea.

That place is dangerous! It is filled to the brim with fabric, tools, foam, stuffing, fabric scraps & outlet linens. Some stuff is cheap. Others are too damn good to pass up. I can spend a lot of money in there. 

I can spend a lot of time in there too! I was there for an hour and walked out with some denim, oilcloth & whole new bedding set (didn't need that last one... oops!). Plus I got some thread and other notions. If I hadn't splurged on the bedding set (about $30 total for a king size set) I probably could have gotten some more craft stuff, but I was terribly tempted by the awesome selection. 

I actually miss it and want to go back. Now! Ah, another day I guess.

On the other hand, I did get the oilcloth I had been looking for. I have found some great stuff online, but I just needed a little to get started on a prototype for my website. So I found two yards worth for about two dollars a yard. The patterns are pretty good too.

I've never used oilcloth before, so this is new territory. I read online to leave it out in the sun to get the wrinkles out of it (which there is a lot of because it was stuffed at the bottom of a wooden bin in the store). Hopefully, the neighbors don't think I'm too crazy when they see the oilcloth cooking on my porch.

Of course, when I get this oilcloth thing figured out I will post my journey with the oilcloth.

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