Monday, September 22, 2008

Updated Site & New Stuff

I've been working hard lately trying to fill my website with stuff to sell & impress. 

This picture is of me & trusty "Singer" sewing up one of my Patchwork notecards. They're very fun & colorful. I've got many more to work on, but at least one set is up on the site now.

I've got so, so many things in the queue. I'm gonna get my hands on some oilcloth to make baby bibs & lunchbags (woo hoo) and there is a great tote I'm working on.

Slowly & surely I'll get a good stock of stuff to sell at Smilies. 

Oooh! I also got my Wearables tags in the mail today and they're awesome. I'm so excited.

So check out the site and see what I've been doing with my time!

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