Wednesday, September 1, 2010

What's Up Wednesdays :: The Takeover

Recently I rearranged my room. The last time, I was just in one corner and I expanded to half the room. This time I concurred the entire room!

And I had to... the half of the room I was using became messier as m. ranae got busier.

I added another table to lay things out. The two tables were centered in the room and I spaced everything else around them.

I added two shelves I bought from Ikea (I HEART IKEA!). I used these to sort my fabrics... I finally have enough of a fabric stash to sort them by color.

I also scored some great deals at Goodwill, Dollar Tree and Dollar General for bins, drawers & baskets.

I keep all "office" related stuff on one side of the room and supplies & such on the other side.

I am still having trouble finding where I put everything, but it's so much roomier and I'm able to spread out and work more efficiently.

So now that I've taken over most of the east wing of my house, I need to start planning how I'm gonna take over the world (one handmade bag at a time).

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